Paul Allen Beck

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Over 2 years, 32 beef cows nursing calves in southwest Arkansas were randomly selected from a herd of 120 that were managed in six groups and were assigned to six 5.1-ha bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon [L.] Pers.) pastures. Treatments were assigned to pastures (two pastures/treatment) and cows had ad libitum access to one of three free-choice minerals: (1)(More)
We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Thomson Financial for providing analyst forecast data through the Institutional Brokers Estimate System. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the ABSTRACT Landsman and Maydew (2002) find that the informativeness of earnings announcements, measured by abnormal trading volume and abnormal return(More)
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Stocker cattle production practices may affect subsequent performance of cattle in economically meaningful ways. Literature was reviewed to summarize possible carryover effects of stocker cattle management on finishing performance and carcass traits. The most consistent effects of stocker phase practices on finishing-phase and carcass performance of cattle(More)
There are competing arguments and mixed prior evidence on whether firms that are aggressive in their financial reporting exhibit more or less tax aggressiveness. Our research contributes to resolving this issue by examining the association between aggressive tax reporting and the incidence of alleged accounting fraud. Relying on several proxies for tax(More)
The enhanced degradation exhibited at low dose rates by many bipolar-technology components is a major reliability issue for spacecraft electronics. As an accelerated ELDRS test method an approach has been suggested that makes use of sequenced high dose rate and low dose rate exposures - the so called accelerated switching test method. In this paper we(More)
In December of 3 years, 87 beef cows with nursing calves (594 ± 9.8 kg; calving season, September to November) at side were stratified by body condition score, body weight, cow age, and calf gender and divided randomly into 6 groups assigned to 1 of 6 cool-season annual pastures (0.45 ha/cow) that had been interseeded into a dormant common bermudagrass(More)