Paul Alexander

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The base substitution fidelity of DNA polymerase-alpha, -beta, and -gamma (pol-alpha, -beta, and -gamma, respectively) has been determined in vitro, for all 12 possible mispairs at 96 sites in a forward mutational target. Averaging all errors over all known detectable sites, pol-gamma is the most accurate enzyme, producing one error for every 10,000 bases(More)
21st century Radio Astronomy at frequencies below 1 GHz will be dominated by arrays of thousands or millions of elements in configurations which are dense or sparse, regular or random, delivering data to powerful digital back-ends. High performance, specified by parameters such as the effective aperture and system noise temperature, will be crucial to(More)
INTRODUCTION This study used whole-cell, patch clamp techniques on isolated guinea pig ventricular myocytes and HEK293 cells expressing cloned human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) to examine the action of drugs causing QT interval prolongation and torsades de pointes (TdP) in man. Similarities and important differences in drug actions on cardiac myocytes(More)
The effects of zinc supplementation (20 mM ZnCl2 from the drinking water for eight weeks) on plasma glucose and insulin levels, as well as its in vitro effect on lipogenesis and lipolysis in adipocytes were studied in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice and their lean controls (+/?). Zinc supplementation reduced the fasting plasma glucose levels in both obese(More)
The subunit structure of mammalian cytoplasmic progesterone receptors (PR) has been difficult to study because these proteins are subject to in vitro proteolysis; the structure of nuclear PR is unknown. We have now developed an in situ photoaffinity labeling method for PR that permits study of their subunits with minimal in vitro incubations. The strategy(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a linear relationship between the squat and a variety of quadriceps resistance training exercises for the purpose of creating prediction equations for the determination of quadriceps exercise loads based on the squat load. Six-repetition maximums (RMs) of the squat, as well as four common(More)
Sheet surfaces are commonly used in design to represent thin-walled surfaces. A method of manufacturing these surfaces via layered manufacturing (LM) using local wall thickening is presented. By considering the accuracy of only one side of the surface important, the need for support structured can be removed by thickened regions on the unimportant side.(More)
While many studies on foraging have related energy gain to the density and the size of prey, only few have investigated whether and how habitat structure modifies the gain through affecting foraging success. In this study the influences of habitat structure and prey characteristics on the foraging success of water pipits (Anthus sp. spinoletta) were(More)