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Consumer Acceptance of Electronic Commerce: Integrating Trust and Risk with the Technology Acceptance Model
  • Paul A. Pavlou
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Electron. Commer.
  • 1 April 2003
This paper aims to predict consumer acceptance of e-commerce by proposing a set of key drivers for engaging consumers in on-line transactions. The primary constructs for capturing consumer acceptanceExpand
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Understanding and Mitigating Uncertainty in Online Exchange Relationships: A Principal-Agent Perspective
Despite a decade since the inception of B2C e-commerce, the uncertainty of the online environment still makes many consumers reluctant to engage in online exchange relationships. Even if uncertaintyExpand
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Evidence of the Effect of Trust Building Technology in Electronic Markets: Price Premiums and Buyer Behavior
Despite the wide use of reputational mechanisms such as eBay’s Feedback Forum to promote trust, empirical studies have shown conflicting results
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Building Effective Online Marketplaces with Institution-Based Trust
Institution-based trust is a buyer's perception that effective third-party institutional mechanisms are in place to facilitate transaction success. This paper integrates sociological and economicExpand
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Predicting E-Services Adoption: A Perceived Risk Facets Perspective
Internet-delivered e-services are increasingly being made available to consumers; however, little is known about how consumers evaluate them for potential adoption. Past Technology Adoption ResearchExpand
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Understanding and Predicting Electronic Commerce Adoption: An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior
This paper extends Ajzen's (1991) theory of planned behavior (TPB) to explain and predict the process of e-commerce adoption by consumers. The process is captured through two online consumerExpand
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Digital business strategy: toward a next generation of insights
Over the last three decades, the prevailing view of information technology strategy has been that it is a functional-level strategy that must be aligned with the firm's chosen business strategy. EvenExpand
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Institution-Based Trust in Interorganizational Exchange Relationships: The Role of Online B2B Marketplaces on Trust Formation
  • Paul A. Pavlou
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • J. Strateg. Inf. Syst.
  • 1 December 2002
Given the uncertainty of online transactions, the digital economy encourages the creation of institutional structures that assure online interorganizational exchange relationships. This researchExpand
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Encouraging Citizen Adoption of eGovernment by Building Trust
A b s t r a c t The growing interest in e-Government raises the question of how governments can increase citizen adoption and usage of their online government services. e-Government becomesExpand
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The Nature and Role of Feedback Text Comments in Online Marketplaces: Implications for Trust Building, Price Premiums, and Seller Differentiation
For online marketplaces to succeed and prevent a market of lemons, their feedback mechanism (reputation system) must differentiate among sellers and create price premiums for trustworthy sellers asExpand
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