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Why are people interested in money? Specifically, what could be the biological basis for the extraordinary incentive and reinforcing power of money, which seems to be unique to the human species? We identify two ways in which a commodity which is of no biological significance in itself can become a strong motivator. The first is if it is used as a tool, and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Available online xxxx Keywords: volcanic eruption aircraft volcanic plumes ash clouds During volcanic eruptions, volcanic ash transport and dispersion models (VATDs) are used to forecast the location and movement of ash clouds over hours to days in order to define hazards to aircraft and to communities downwind. Those models use input(More)
This paper presents analyses of the correlates of debt in a three-wave panel study of saving and other financial behaviour. The data used came from a representative sample of Dutch households. The results confirm the findings of previous studies on nonrepresentative samples and demonstrate that although economic variables alone predict debt quite well,(More)
We would like to thank Marco Tecilla, Macrina Marchesin and Dino Parisi for their help in running the experiments, and Luigi Mittone, director of CEEL, for letting us use the laboratory's resources. Paul Webley, Robert Moir, seminar participants at the Universities of Pisa and Trento, and especially two anonymous referees provided very useful comments on a(More)
The cultural norms of traditional societies encourage behavior that is consistent with maximizing reproductive success but those of modern post-demographic transition societies do not. Newson et al (2005) proposed that this might be because interaction between kin is relatively less frequent in modern social networks. Assuming that people's evaluations of(More)
As societies modernize, they go through what has become known as "the demographic transition;" couples begin to limit the size of their families. Models to explain this change assume that reproductive behavior is either under individual control or under social control. The evidence that social influence plays a role in the control of reproduction is strong,(More)