Paul A. Roberts

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BACKGROUND Pulse wave velocity (PWV), a measure of arterial stiffness, has been demonstrated to be an independent predictor of adverse cardiovascular outcomes. This can be derived non-invasively using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). Changes in PWV during exercise may reveal further information on vascular pathology. However, most known CMR methods(More)
The retina confers upon us the gift of vision, enabling us to perceive the world in a manner unparalleled by any other tissue. Experimental and clinical studies have provided great insight into the physiology and biochemistry of the retina; however, there are questions which cannot be answered using these methods alone. Mathematical and computational(More)
The retina is the tissue layer at the back of the eye that is responsible for light detection. Whilst equipped with a rich supply of oxygen, it has one of the highest oxygen demands of any tissue in the body and, as such, supply and demand are finely balanced. It has been suggested that the protein neuroglobin (Ngb), which is found in high concentrations(More)
This paper considers high performance motion control systems for the Azimuth axis of a 2.4m Altitude-Azimuth telescope manufactured by Telescope Technologies Limited (TTL). Tracking performance is paramount and the telescope is designed to operate with no surrounding enclosure; wind disturbances that could degrade the tracking performance are a major(More)
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