Paul A. Moore

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DANIEL A. BERGMAN, CORINNE P. KOZLOWSKI, JEREMY C. MCINTYRE, ROBERT HUBER, ALISDAIR G. DAWS, and PAUL A. MOORE (1 Laboratory for Sensory Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403, USA; 2 J. P. Scott Center for Neuroscience,Mind, and Behavior, Department of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State(More)
OBJECTIVE A large epidemiologic study on oral health has found that several oral soft tissue lesions were more prevalent in subjects with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus than in control subjects without diabetes. Our objective in part I of this article is to characterize those lesions not associated with Candida. STUDY DESIGN This cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Clinicians may encounter symptoms of xerostomia, commonly called "dry mouth," among patients who take medications, have certain connective tissue or immunological disorders or have been treated with radiation therapy. When xerostomia is the result of a reduction in salivary flow, significant oral complications can occur. TYPES OF STUDIES(More)
This study examined individual and status recognition in dyadic interactions between crayŽ sh and determines how blocking the release of urine, a known source of chemical cues, may in uence recognition. Behavioral characteristics of agonistic interactions were compared between crayŽ sh pairs that fought each other previously (familiar) and pairs derived(More)
Objective The goal of this preliminary randomized prospective clinical trial was to compare the analgesic efficacy and the reduction in trismus of preoperative rofecoxib, intraoperative dexamethasone, and both rofecoxib and dexamethasone following third molar extraction surgery. Study design Thirty-five subjects requiring surgical removal of at least 1(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus are increasing, with more than 135 million people affected worldwide. Despite greater knowledge of the disease, one-third of people with the disease are undiagnosed. Recent estimates indicate that one in three U.S. children born in 2000 will develop diabetes. OVERVIEW Diabetes is not equally(More)
A clinical study was performed to determine if placement of an amalgam retroseal resulted in elevated blood mercury levels. Ten subjects had blood drawn 7 days before and immediately before placement of an amalgam retroseal. Postoperative blood draws occurred at 7 and 30 days. Blood samples were analyzed for mercury content by Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorption(More)
The goal of this study was to identify and quantify complications occurring with the administration of anesthesia for the dental treatment of patients with special needs. Anesthesia providers completed a standardized evaluation form, delineating possible complications for 202 consecutive ambulatory patients receiving anesthesia in a special needs clinic.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of Candida albicans and oral infection with Candida in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). STUDY DESIGN This cross-sectional study compared the prevalence of candidiasis in 405 subjects with IDDM and 268 nondiabetic control subjects. Assessments included evidence of clinical manifestations of(More)