Paul A. Millman

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Industrial applications of haptic feedback systems that add dexterity to telemanipulators have been limited due to their complexity, low reliability, and high cost. A promising and attractive alternative technology for industry is vibrotactile feedback. These systems are simple and can be added at low cost to existing telerobotic systems to provide robust(More)
A system that can process sensory information collected during telemanipulation tasks in order to automatically identify properties of the remote environment has many potential applications. These include generating model-based simulations for training operators in critical procedures and improving real-time performance in unstructured environments or when(More)
A set of experiments was conducted to investigate the relationship of environment damping to performance of a Fitts one-shot tapping task, and especially the relationship of environment damping to the haptic perception of target position. In the experiments, subjects were asked to locate a narrow target region that had a different level of viscous damping(More)
The design of a four degree-of-freedom, force-reflecting manipulandum for manual interaction with virtual environments is presented. The device emulates a handtool which the operator can use to explore und manipulate virtual objects. The performance of the device, its ability to generate a broad range of impedances, is determined by a variety of factors(More)
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