Paul A. Luker

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Ten years ago, the term “object-oriented” was known by few people, and understood by even fewer. Today, it is impossible to avoid the term, it appears in nearly every book, journal and magazine which relates to computer so%vare, and yet, while they rush to embrace it, many computer professionals and educators still do not understand what object orientation(More)
There is increasing discussion about the primary programming language used for undergraduate courses in Computer Science. In particular, the language used for CS1 and CS2 is regarded as a crucial factor in students' subsequent progress in the discipline, not to mention their mental well-being. It is argued here that instead of focussing our attention on(More)
Latex is a common cause of occupational allergy in health care workers; latex-sensitized patients are at increased risk of allergic reactions in medical environments. Skin test reagents and latex-specific immunoglobulin E immunoassays were established for diagnosis of latex allergy. Inhibition immunoassays were developed for measuring latex aeroallergens(More)
Over four years ago, we developed and implemented an upper division general studies course. “The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence.” The course has since been team taught every semester by a computer scientist and a philosopher. Here, we draw on our four years' experience with the course to discuss its impact on computer science majors, for(More)
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