Paul A. J. M. Boon

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The phase locking index (PLI) was introduced to quantify in a statistical sense the phase synchronization of two signals. It has been commonly used to process biosignals. In this article, we investigate the PLI for measuring the interdependency of cortical source signals (CSSs) recorded in the Electroencephalogram (EEG). To this end, we consider simple(More)
EEG-correlated functional MRI (EEG-fMRI) visualizes brain regions associated with interictal epileptiform discharges (IEDs). This technique images the epileptiform network, including multifocal, superficial and deeply situated cortical areas. To understand the role of EEG-fMRI in presurgical evaluation, its results should be validated relative to a gold(More)
EEG-correlated functional MRI (EEG-fMRI) has been used to indicate brain regions associated with interictal epileptiform discharges (IEDs). This technique enables the delineation of the complete epileptiform network, including multifocal and deeply situated cortical areas. Before EEG-fMRI can be used as an additional diagnostic tool in the preoperative(More)
Diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing is based on the presence of an abnormal breathing pattern during sleep. In this study, an algorithm was developed for the offline breath-to-breath analysis of the nocturnal respiratory recordings. For that purpose, respiratory signals (nasal airway pressure, thoracic and abdominal movements) were divided into half(More)
Spatial independent component analysis (ICA) is increasingly being used to extract resting-state networks from fMRI data. Previous studies showed that ICA also reveals independent components (ICs) related to the seizure onset zone. However, it is currently unknown how these epileptic ICs depend on the presence of interictal epileptic discharges (IEDs) in(More)
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