Paul A. Hinker

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An algorithm is presented which describes an application independent method for reducing the number of polygonal primitives required to faithfully represent an object. Reducing polygon count without a corresponding reduction in object detail is important for: achieving interactive frame rates in scientific visualization, reducing mass storage requirements,(More)
We describe experiences during the investigation of parallel methods for faster isosurface generation on SIMD machines. A sequential version of a well known isosurfacing algorithm is algorithmically enhanced for a particular type of SIMD architecture. The SIMD implementation takes full advantage of the data parallel nature of the algorithm and experiments(More)
Filtering algorithms are well accepted as a means of speeding up the solution of the consistent labeling problem (CLP). Despite the fact that path consistency does a better job of filtering than arc consistency, AC is still the preferred technique because it has a much lower time complexity. We are implementing parallel path consistency algorithms on(More)
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