Paul A. Hampel

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Interactions between implanted materials and the surrounding host cells critically affect the fate of bioengineered materials. In this study, the biomechanical response of bovine aortic endothelial cells (BAECs) with different membrane cholesterol levels to polyacrylamide (PA) gels was investigated by measuring cell adhesion and spreading behaviors at(More)
Measurements in stationary or mobile phases are fundamental principles in protein analysis. Although the immobilization of molecules on solid supports allows for the parallel analysis of interactions, properties like size or shape are usually inferred from the molecular mobility under the influence of external forces. However, as these principles are(More)
As endothelial cells form the barrier between blood flow and surrounding tissue, many of their functions depend on mechanical integrity, in particular those of the plasma membrane. As component and organizer of the plasma membrane, cholesterol is a regulator of cellular mechanical properties. Disruption of cholesterol balance leads to impairment of(More)
A novel label-free biosensing technology is introduced which employs a dynamically switchable biosurface. Contrary to conventional biosensors, switchSENSE allows to determine affinity, reaction rates, and molecular size of the target in one analytical run. It constitutes a high-content analytical platform for the discovery of biological drugs and molecular(More)
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