Paul A. Hampel

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Measurements in stationary or mobile phases are fundamental principles in protein analysis. Although the immobilization of molecules on solid supports allows for the parallel analysis of interactions, properties like size or shape are usually inferred from the molecular mobility under the influence of external forces. However, as these principles are(More)
A label-free method for the analysis of interactions of proteins with surface-tethered ligands is introduced. Short DNA levers are electrically actuated on microelectrodes by ac potentials, and their switching dynamics are measured in real-time by fluorescence energy transfer. Binding of proteins to ligands attached to the top of the DNA levers is detected(More)
A novel label-free biosensing technology is introduced which employs a dynamically switchable biosurface. Contrary to conventional biosensors, switchSENSE allows to determine affinity, reaction rates, and molecular size of the target in one analytical run. It constitutes a high-content analytical platform for the discovery of biological drugs and molecular(More)
The photoelectrochemical characterization of silicon carbide (SiC) electrodes is important for enabling a wide range of potential applications for this semiconductor. However, photocorrosion of the SiC surface remains a key challenge, because this process considerably hinders the deployment of this material into functional devices. In this report, we use(More)
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