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BACKGROUND Older people are less likely to be included in clinical trials. Little is known about factors influencing older people's decisions about participating in clinical trials. OBJECTIVES To examine the views of older people about participating in clinical trials. METHODS Postal questionnaire to 801 participants who had completed the MAVIS(More)
The time trade-off is often argued to be the preferred utility assessment method. When measuring current health in its classic form, it involves a comparison of two certainties: perfect health and current health, each for a fixed period of time and followed by death. This makes the time trade-off insensitive to patient fears regarding premature death or(More)
Many biomedical research laboratories, departments and organizations struggle to manage data in biospecimen repositories that supply basic and translational research. Biorepository information systems have been developed from a variety of perspectives, and are often difficult to integrate or network within and across organizations due to lack of structural(More)
Patient quality of life data can be acquired in a variety of ways, including over the telephone and through computerized questionnaires. However, if the method of collection produces different results, medical decisions regarding appropriate and cost-effective care may be influenced by collection method. We conducted an experiment where subjects had two(More)
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