Paul A Byrne

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Group B streptococcus is currently the most common cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns. How should mothers whose breast milk cultures show growth of this microorganism be managed regarding breastfeeding? This case study discusses the possible transfer of group B streptococcus to a preterm infant from mother's milk. It also describes the process that(More)
Recent and proposed legislation to establish "brain-related" criteria of death has uniformly confounded irreversible cessation of total brain function with the death of the human person. Much of the confusion comes from widespread misunderstanding of how the word "death" is used and what it means. Cessation of total brain function, whether irreversible or(More)
Some trusts have adopted a system of a "ring-fenced" allocation per head of consultant and if any of this funding remains unused it can be carried over to the next financial year. The time is right for the Government adequately to fund the CME/CDP activities of career-grade hospital staff. (This should include part-time staff. A doctor who works half time(More)