Paul A. Boakye

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Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by chronic and progressive structural or functional loss of neurons. Limitations related to the animal models of these human diseases have impeded the development of effective drugs. This emphasizes the need to establish disease models using human-derived cells. The discovery of induced pluripotent stem cell(More)
AIMS/OBJECTIVES/BACKGROUND A significant number of people who experience chronic pain also complain of depression and sleep problems. The comorbidities and bidirectional relationships that exist between these ailments are well recognized clinically. Further, all 3 disorders involve similar alterations in structural and functional neurobiology and share(More)
7 8 Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute and Department of Pharmacology or Physiology 9 Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada T6G 2H7, 10 11 12 Manuscript properties: 10 Figures; 2 Tables; Abstract 245 words; 13 14 15 Running Header: Neuron type specific actions of gabapentinoids 16 17 18 Corresponding author: 19 20(More)
The α2δ-ligands pregabalin (PGB) and gabapentin (GBP) are used to treat neuropathic pain. We used whole cell recording to study their long-term effects on substantia gelatinosa and dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons. Spinal cord slices were prepared from embryonic day 13 rat embryos and maintained in organotypic culture for >5 wk (neuronal age equivalent to(More)
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