Paul A. Bloom

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Subjects decided whether self-referential statements were true or false. Event-related potentials (ERPs) associated with final words creating false statements displayed a late negativity (N340) relative to ERPs for true completions. The size of this difference between true and false statements was greater for highly familiar statements (e.g. "My name is(More)
Our research goal is to develop a new methodology for studying brain function using single, unaveraged EEG records. This investigation has led to a new algorithm for feature extraction for the case of small design (learning) sets. The algorithm has been applied to extract features from unaveraged (single) EEG records, which consist of single evoked(More)
A prospective trial was carried out to assess the relative efficiency of digital block and local infiltration as methods of anaesthesia when suturing lacerations of the digits. A standard technique and questionnaire were applied to a consecutive group of 62 patients attending the Accident Department of the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Digital block was found to(More)
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