Paul A. Beck

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Over 2 years, 32 beef cows nursing calves in southwest Arkansas were randomly selected from a herd of 120 that were managed in six groups and were assigned to six 5.1-ha bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon [L.] Pers.) pastures. Treatments were assigned to pastures (two pastures/treatment) and cows had ad libitum access to one of three free-choice minerals: (1)(More)
Political parties are at the center of the political process in modern democracies. They are best viewed as a combination of three different, yet interrelated, parts: the party organization – a legally recognized, regulated association with officers and members the party in the electorate – a coalition of voters united in loyalty to the same party the party(More)
In December of 3 years, 87 beef cows with nursing calves (594 ± 9.8 kg; calving season, September to November) at side were stratified by body condition score, body weight, cow age, and calf gender and divided randomly into 6 groups assigned to 1 of 6 cool-season annual pastures (0.45 ha/cow) that had been interseeded into a dormant common bermudagrass(More)
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