Pau Rodenas

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Hydrogen generation by using quantum dot (QD) based heterostructures has emerged as a promising strategy to develop artificial photosynthesis devices. In the present study, we sensitize mesoporous TiO2 electrodes with in-situ-deposited PbS/CdS QDs, aiming at harvesting light in both the visible and the near-infrared for hydrogen generation. This(More)
The iridium complex [Cp*Ir(H2O)3](SO4) was used as an organometallic source for the electrodeposition of iridium oxide onto Fe2O3. The new iridium-containing electrode allowed us to study the coupling between the photocatalytic properties of hematite and the electrocatalytic properties of the iridium-based material. A cathodic shift of the photocurrent for(More)
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