Pau Bellot

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—A new method for gene expression data classification is proposed. At first, the original feature set is enriched by including new features, (i.e. metagenes), produced via hierarchical clustering. Then, a reliable classifier is built from a wrapper feature selection process. Inside the process, a new two-level feature ranking criterion based on error rate(More)
In the last decade, a great number of methods for reconstructing gene regulatory networks from expression data have been proposed. However, very few tools and datasets allow to evaluate accurately and reproducibly those methods. Hence, we propose here a new tool, able to perform a systematic, yet fully reproducible, evaluation of transcriptional network(More)
This paper presents a novel method for the reconstruction of a neural network connectivity using calcium fluorescence data. We introduce a fast unsupervised method to integrate different networks that reconstructs structural connectivity from neuron activity. Our method improves the state-of-the-art reconstruction method General Transfer Entropy (GTE). We(More)
—Inferring gene regulatory networks from expression data is a very difficult problem that has raised the interest of the scientific community. Different algorithms have been proposed to try to solve this issue, but it has been shown that the different methods have some particular biases and strengths, and none of them is the best across all types of data(More)
—Microarray data classification is a challenging problem due to the high number of variables compared to the small number of available samples. An effective methodology to output a precise and reliable classifier is proposed in this work as an improvement of the algorithm in [1]. It considers the sample scarcity problem and the lack of data structure(More)
—Multiclass cancer classification is still a challenging task in the field of machine learning. A novel multiclass approach is proposed in this work as a combination of multiple binary classifiers. It is an example of Error Correcting Output Codes algorithms, applying data transmission coding techniques to improve the classification as a combination of(More)