Pau Aguila

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The radiation properties of split-ring resonators (SRRs) at their second resonance frequency are studied for the first time in this work. In particular, the electric and magnetic dipole moments of the edge-coupled SRR are calculated analytically under the assumption of strong coupling between the internal and external rings. Based on these results, the(More)
The definition of a precise illumination region is essential in many applications where the electromagnetic field should be confined in some specific volume. By using conventional structures, it is difficult to achieve an adequate confinement distance (or volume) with negligible levels of radiation leakage beyond it. Although metamaterial structures and(More)
In this work, a passive ultra-high frequency radio-frequency identification UHF-RFID tag based on a 1.25 wavelengths thin dipole antenna is presented for the first time. The length of the antenna is properly chosen in order to maximize the tag read range, while maintaining a reasonable tag size and radiation pattern. The antenna is matched to the RFID chip(More)
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