Patty Koenig

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BACKGROUND Mammalian telomeres consist of long tandem arrays of double-stranded TTAGGG sequence motif packaged by TRF1 and TRF2. In contrast to the DNA binding domain of c-Myb, which consists of three imperfect tandem repeats, DNA binding domains of both TRF1 and TRF2 contain only a single Myb repeat. In a DNA complex of c-Myb, both the second and third(More)
The three-dimensional structure of the yeast telomere-binding protein RAP1 in complex with DNA provides the first insight into telomeric DNA recognition. RAP1 binds to DNA via two Myb/homeodomain-like motifs, which are DNA-binding folds previously identified in transcription factors. This, together with the finding that human TRF1 and other telomere-binding(More)
Telomeres consist of tandem arrays of short G-rich sequence motifs packaged by specific DNA binding proteins. In humans the double-stranded telomeric TTAGGG repeats are specifically bound by TRF1 and TRF2. Although telomere binding proteins from evolutionarily distant species are not sequence homologues, they share a Myb-like DNA binding motif. Here we have(More)
It has been documented that up to 40% of the workday of nurses is taken up by meeting the ever-increasing demands of the systems of healthcare delivery in which nurses are employed. These demands include the need for increasing documentation, for learning new and seemingly ever-changing procedures, and for adapting to turnover in management and(More)
Researchers in Minnesota have described and validated the phenomenon of Complexity Compression in qualitative studies of registered nurses. Analysis of themes from this research led to the design of a survey to assess nurses' agreement with variables that contribute to their experience of Complexity Compression. The survey was administered to a random(More)
The question of the necessity of in-patient facilities of the area of (child and) adolescent neuropsychiatry is to be discussed further. The extremely optimistic views on this question of approximately 20 years ago cannot be maintained for the examined area and the examination time. In the LNKH Valduna/Vorarlberg, an establishment that was intended(More)
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