Patton M. Giles

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In summary, the medicinal chemist has four new ways to access the information contained in the CAS database: CAS ONLINE, the only structure search system based on the entire CAS Registry database, and three printed services, CA SELECTS, BIOSIS/CAS SELECTS, and CAS Customer-Defined Information Services, which provide abstracts on specialized topics of(More)
Names of countries given after members names are in accord with the IUPAC Handbook 1996–1997. Republication or reproduction of this report or its storage and/or dissemination by electronic means is permitted without the need for formal IUPAC permission on condition that an acknowledgement, with full reference to the source along with use of the copyright(More)
The biosynthesis and efflux of sterols from cells into the medium were investigated in skin fibroblasts from a control, a patient with obligate heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia and a patient with the homozygous condition. The behaviour of the cells was studied in two lipid free media (lipoprotein deficient and delipidated serum), with and without(More)
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