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This paper describes a technique for making personalized recommendations from any type of database to a user based on similarities between the interest profile of that user and those of other users. In particular, we discuss the implementation of a networked system called Ringo, which makes personalized recommendations for music albums and artists. Ringo's(More)
The "information highway" will present us with an explosion of new computer-based tasks and services, but the complexity of this new environment will demand a new style of human-computer interaction, where the computer becomes an intelligent, active and personalized collaborator. Interface agents are computer programs that employ Artificial Intelligence(More)
This paper brings some perspective to various concepts in computational reflection. A definition of computational reflection is presented, the importance of computational reflection is discussed and the architecture of languages that support reflection is studied. Further, this paper presents a survey of some experiments in reflection which have been(More)
この論文は自動エージェントの挙動選択問題に ついて討論する。私達は「situated agent」とよば れる、古典的方法による限界を越えるために設計 されたエージェントについて述べる。今までのエー ジェントでは、目標と同時進行する調停機構がな いため、この問題に十分な解決法を与えなかった。 私達は、環境とエージェントの間のループにおい て、すばやく、頑健な行動を処理する間、行動と 目的の間をとりもつことができる斬新な行動選択 理論を提案する。その理論は行動選択を、エージェ ントがとることが可能な行動と、行動と環境の間 にある、活動的または抑制的な動的変化の新しい 特徴としてモデル化する。ほんの少しの大域変数 が、いろんな行動選択範囲を円滑化する。例えば、 状況指向エージェントではなく目標指向エージェ(More)
The members of electronic communities are often unrelated to each other; they may have never met and have no information on each otherÏs reputation. This kind of information is vital in electronic commerce interactions, where the potential counterpartÏs reputation can be a signiÐcant factor in the negotiation strategy. Two complementary reputation(More)
Software agents help automate a variety of tasks including those involved in buying and selling products over the Internet. This paper surveys several of these agentmediated electronic commerce systems by describing their roles in the context of a Consumer Buying Behavior (CBB) model. The CBB model we present augments traditional marketing models with(More)
One category of researchers in arti cial life is concerned with modeling and building so-called adaptive autonomous agents. Autonomous agents are systems that inhabit a dynamic, unpredictable environment in which they try to satisfy a set of time-dependent goals or motivations. Agents are said to be adaptive if they improve their competence at dealing with(More)
Information is traditionally confined to paper or digitally to a screen. In this paper, we introduce WUW, a wearable gestural interface, which attempts to bring information out into the tangible world. By using a tiny projector and a camera mounted on a hat or coupled in a pendant like wearable device, WUW sees what the user sees and visually augments(More)