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OBJECTIVE To identify patients with primary auditory neuropathies whose cochlear potentials to a 100 microsec click persist after click cessation and simulate synchronous auditory brain stem responses (ABRs) at high intensities. DESIGN ABRs to condensation and rarefaction clicks, as well as Maximum Length Sequence ABRs and one transtympanic(More)
Test results and management data are summarized for 260 patients with diagnoses of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD). Hearing aids were tried in 85 of these patients, and 49 patients tried cochlear implants. Approximately 15% reported some benefit from hearing aids for language learning, while improvement in speech comprehension and language(More)
We extracted a subpopulation of 136 patients (from our database of 257 AN/AD subjects) in whom middle ear muscle reflexes had been measured. None showed normal reflexes at all frequencies tested. Only three subjects showed any reflexes at 95 dB HL or below, but never at both 1 and 2 kHz in both ears whether ipsilaterally or contralaterally elicited. All the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates technical requirements, privacy and legal constraints, reimbursement considerations, and overall feasibility of a new telemedicine neurotologic patient care delivery model in post-Katrina, Southeast Louisiana. METHODS This study is a retrospective review of the first year of a telemedicine neurotology practice with limited(More)
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