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The Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity found host rocks of basaltic composition and alteration assemblages containing clay minerals at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater. On the basis of the observed host rock and alteration minerals, we present results of equilibrium thermochemical modeling of the Sheepbed mudstones of Yellowknife Bay in order to constrain(More)
This paper describes the system architecture of a newly constructed radio telescope – the Boolardy engineering test array, which is a prototype of the Australian square kilometre array pathfinder telescope. Phased array feed technology is used to form multiple simultaneous beams per antenna, providing astronomers with unprecedented survey speed. The test(More)
We present the detection of nearby BL Lacertae object PKS 2155-304 with the CANGAROO-III imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope system. This observation was triggered by the H.E.S.S. report in July 2006 that the outburst at TeV gamma-ray energy range occured on this object. Observations have been performed between 2006 July 28 and August 2. A signal from(More)
Declining forest health has been observed during the past several decades in several areas of the eastern USA, and some of this decline is attributed to acid deposition. Decreases in soil pH and increases in soil acidity are indicators of potential impacts on tree growth due to acid inputs and Al toxicity. The Cherry River watershed, which lies within the(More)
During ice-free periods, the Northern Sea Route (NSR) could be an attractive shipping route. The decline in Arctic sea-ice extent, however, could be associated with an increase in the frequency of the causes of severe weather phenomena, and high wind-driven waves and the advection of sea ice could make ship navigation along the NSR difficult. Accurate(More)
A Eucrite Delivered from an Aten-type Orbit: The Last Link in the Chain from 4 Vesta to Earth [#1664] A likely scenario is that our meteorite is a fragment of a Vestoid, derived from the innermost region of the main belt, delivered from the ν 6 resonance, evolving onto an Aten-type orbit, before entering the atmosphere over southwestern Australia.(More)
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