Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol

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Now mobile devices are developed to serve various functions, storing the sensitive information. As a consequence, the authentication of users for mobile devices has become an important issue. Additionally, the development of the mobile system is moving forward to the touch screen system for user friendly and quick access mechanism. In this paper, we(More)
Traditional approaches for studying consumer behavior, such as marketing survey and focus group, require a large amount of time and resources. Moreover, some products, such as smartphones, have a short product life cycle. As an alternative solution, we propose a system, the Micro-blog Sentiment Analysis System (MSAS), based on sentiment analysis to(More)
Currently, people uses mobile devices as a part of their lives. This leads to the risk of data leaking or stealing. Due to the security issue, there are many studies try to increase security in these devices. The authentication process was bringing to the device with hope that it will prevent users from the security's risk. Since the technology is(More)
Presently, CAPTCHA is an important mechanism to gain access to the required system. However, there are some difficulties for users in typing CAPTCHA although they are authorized persons. Since the Text-based CAPTCHA is the most popular mechanism amongst all the CAPTCHA techniques, the difficulties of this text-based are studied and drawn out. The results of(More)
Biometrics authentication is one of the powerful solutions that being used broadly in the Information Security due to its high effective and accurate results. Nevertheless, most of these methods require specific devices to gain input data. The keystroke dynamics authentication is a biometric technique that requires a common device which is a keyboard.(More)
Software reliability is an important feature of a good software implementation. However some faults which cause software unreliability are not detected during the development stages, and these faults create unexpected problems for users whenever they arise. At present most of the current techniques detect faults while a software is running. These techniques(More)
In this paper, we propose an alternative approach for verifying a conformance between choreography and the black box implementation of stateful Web service whose only external behaviors can be observed. Our framework uses an adapted version of Angluin's algorithm to infer a Mealy machine model that represents the observable behaviors of the implemented Web(More)
Abstract - at the present time, the high enlargement of spam e-mail is not easy to preclude and the spam is vastly stretch. These spam e-mails cause various problems to the Internet users, for instance full mailbox, and wasting time. Consequently, prodigious methods have been proposed but most of them have some limitations in mapping features and the(More)
In the present time, the electronic mail is the most popular communication method of people around the world. However, the increasing of electronic mails is the beginning of a malevolent aftereffect e-mail. The transgressors have developed a set of codes that is the electronic bomb of the electronic mails passing through the communication line. As a result,(More)