Patryk Najgebauer

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This paper describes a novel method of image key-point descriptor indexing and comparison used to speed up the process of content-based image retrieval as the main advantage of the dictionary-based representation is faster comparison of image descriptors sets in contrast to the standard list representation. The proposed method of descriptor representation(More)
This paper describes a method for searching for common sets of descriptors between collections of images. The presented method operates on local interest keypoints, which are generated using the SURF algorithm. The use of a dictionary of descriptors allowed achieving good performance of the content-based image retrieval. The method can be used to initially(More)
We present a method of predictive reconstructing connections between parts of object outlines in images. The method was developed mainly to analyze microscopic medical images but is applicable to other types of images. Examined objects in such images are highly transparent, moreover close objects can overlap each other. Thus, segmentation and separation of(More)