Patryk Jancewicz

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The purpose of this study was to present early results of talus cartilage defects treatment with autologous mesenchymal stem cells CD34+ implantation technique. Nine (9) patients were treated, due to IV degree chondromalation (by ICRS). The applied standard procedure included: clinical examination, AP and lateral x-ray, MRI, preoperative, as well as during(More)
BACKGROUND Diffuse axonal injuries of the brain consist in the damage (overstretching or torsion) of white matter axons, as a result of the forces of energy waves, evoked in the moment of injury, together with its accelerating-retarding inertia effect. Patients with DAI are most frequently the casualties of high speed car accidents. Diffuse axonal injuries(More)
202 reference limit, 125 pg/ml) and eosinophilia reached 64.5%. Cardiac MRI (considered an excellent tool to diagnose heart involvement in EGPA)2 revealed lesions corresponding with endomyocardial inflammatory infiltration and thrombosis in both ventricles (Figure 1AB). Perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (pANCA) titer was positive (1:80). Based(More)
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