Patrycja Szczepanik

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Bile salt synthesis and bile salt pool size were determined by isotope dilution in two groups of healthy premature infants, utilizing nonradioactive deuterium-labeled bile salts. All 9 infants were between 32 and 36 weeks of gestation; however, in one group (4 infants), the mothers had received either dexamethasone or phenobarbital prior to delivery. The(More)
The effect of deoxycholate ingestion, 750 mg per day, on bile acid kinetics, biliary bile acid composition, and biliary lipid secretion was studied in 7 healthy volunteers. Bile acid kinetics were measured by isotope dilution, and hourly outputs of bile acid, cholesterol, and phospholipid were quantitated by a duodenal perfusion technique during a 24-hr(More)
A new method for fast spectral-spatial electron paramagnetic resonance imaging (EPRI) is presented. To reduce the time of projections acquisition we propose to combine rapid scan of Zeeman magnetic field using high frequency sinusoidal modulation with simultaneously applied magnetic field gradients, whose amplitude is modulated at low frequency. The(More)
The stationary phase Poly S-179 has been found to offer distinct advantages over the previously reported SP-525 for the gas-liquid chromatographic separation of bile acid methyl ester acetates. Relative retention times of these bile acid derivatives are compared on the two phases.
The gas-liquid chromatographic retention times on 0.5% SP-525 for 48 bile acids and related compounds as their methyl ester acetate derivatives are given. Ion tables for electron impact spectra have been compiled that permit direct access to ion structures for any given ion mass. Chemical ionization yields highly simplified mass spectra with two or three(More)