Patrycja J. Lech

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The Rad23 family of proteins, including the human homologs hHR23a and hHR23b, stimulates nucleotide excision repair and has been shown to provide a novel link between proteasome-mediated protein degradation and DNA repair. In this work, we illustrate how the proteasomal subunit S5a regulates hHR23a protein structure. By using NMR spectroscopy, we have(More)
Paramyxoviruses, measles virus (MV), mumps virus (MuV) and Newcastle disease virus (NDV), are well known for causing measles and mumps in humans and Newcastle disease in birds. These viruses have been tamed (attenuated) and successfully used as vaccines to immunize their hosts. Remarkably, pathogenic MuV and vaccine strains of MuV, MV and NDV efficiently(More)
The measles virus (MV) is serologically monotypic. Life-long immunity is conferred by a single attack of measles or following vaccination with the MV vaccine. This is contrary to viruses such as influenza, which readily develop resistance to the immune system and recur. A better understanding of factors that restrain MV to one serotype may allow us to(More)
The measles virus (MV) vaccine lineage is a promising oncolytic but prior exposure to the measles vaccine or wild-type MV strains limits treatment utility due to the presence of anti-measles antibodies. MV entry can be redirected by displaying a polypeptide ligand on the Hemagglutinin (H) C-terminus. We hypothesized that retargeted MV would escape(More)
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