Patrycia Klavdianos

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We propose a methodology inspired by Gestalt laws to extract and combine features and we test it on the object category recognition problem. Gestalt is a psycho-visual theory of Perceptual Organization that aims to explain how visual information is organized by our brain. We interpreted its laws of homogeneity and continuation in link with shape and color(More)
3D facade modeling consists of representing architectural elements of a building in detail so that both geometry and appearance are generated in a photo-realistic 3D scene. In this article, we review four main techniques used to solve this problem: photogrammetry, sparse and dense reconstruction based on SfM (Structure from Motion) and procedural modeling.(More)
This paper proposes a novel methodology for generating 3D point clouds of good accuracy from stereo pairs. Initially, the methodology defines some conditions for the proper selection of image pairs. Then, the selected stereo images are used to estimate dense correspondences using the Daisy descriptor. An efficient two-phase strategy to remove outliers is(More)
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