Patrizio Graziosi

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We report on efficient spin polarized injection and transport in long ͑10 2 nm͒ channels of Alq 3 organic semiconductor. We employ vertical spin valve devices with a direct interface between the bottom manganite electrode and Alq 3 , while the top-electrode geometry consists of an insulating tunnel barrier placed between the " soft " organic semiconductor(More)
Structural features and magnetic behaviour of TbPc2 thin films sublimated on LSMO and on cobalt surfaces have been investigated by synchrotron-based XNLD and XMCD techniques. Different orientation of the molecules is observed for the two substrates. No significant magnetic interaction with the ferromagnetic substrates is detected.
Information and communication technology (ICT) is now calling for solutions enabling lower power consumption, further miniaturization, and multifunctionality requiring the development of new device concepts and new materials. [ 1 ] One of the most fertile approaches to meet such demands is spintronics, which is now facing the challenge of evolving from the(More)
Memristors are one of the most promising candidates for future information and communications technology (ICT) architectures. Two experimental proofs of concept are presented based on the intermixing of spintronic and memristive effects into a single device, a magnetically enhanced memristor (MEM). By exploiting the interaction between the memristance and(More)
The outgrowth formation in inorganic thin films is a dramatic problem that has limited the technological impact of many techniques and materials. Outgrowths are often themselves part of the films, but are detrimental for vertical junctions since they cause short-circuits or work as defects, compromising the reproducibility and in some cases the operation of(More)
Ultrathin manganite films are widely used as active electrodes in organic spintronic devices. In this study, a scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) investigation with atomic resolution revealed previously unknown surface features consisting of small non-stoichiometric islands. Based upon this evidence, a new mechanism for the growth of these complex(More)
b) c) Top Electrode Bottom Electrode Top domains Bottom domains Middle Domain a) Co LSMO Co LSMO Low Resistance High resistance The Fig.4a shows the spin valve presented previously in Fig.1 before any higher voltage was applied-this corresponds to the lowest resistance state and a SVMR of 22%. Next, we apply a voltage bias of-1.5 V and the device resistance(More)
A versatile approach for the design and fabrication of multilayer magnetic scaffolds with tunable magnetic gradients is described. Multilayer magnetic gelatin membrane scaffolds with intrinsic magnetic gradients were designed to encapsulate magnetized bioagents under an externally applied magnetic field for use in magnetic-field-assisted tissue engineering.(More)
We present a novel method of delivering a low-concentration (<15%) ozone beam to an ultra-high vacuum environment for the purpose of cleaning and dosing experimental samples through oxidation processing. The system described is safe, low-cost, and practical and overcomes the limitations of ozone transport in the molecular flow environment of high or(More)