Patrizia Zeppegno

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Increasing evidence suggests that tachykinins are involved in the control of different pathological conditions, including psychiatric disorders. In this study we evaluated the expression of NK(1) and NK(2) receptors (NK-1R and NK-2R), as well as the effects of substance P (SP) and neurokinin A (NKA), in monocytes isolated from 15 healthy subjects and 15(More)
In people suffering from schizophrenia, major areas of everyday life are impaired, including independent living, productive activities and social relationships. Enhanced understanding of factors that hinder real-life functioning is vital for treatments to translate into more positive outcomes. The goal of the present study was to identify predictors of(More)
The effect of amitriptyline on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis activity was compared with that of fluvoxamine in 38 patients suffering from DMS-IV major depressive disorder. Basal plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol levels were determined in the so-called "observation window" of an hour (08:00-09:00 h), and cortisol levels were(More)
Despite the lack of extrapyramidal side effects, some atypical antipsychotics can induce an increase in prolactinemia, as the conventional neuroleptics do. We decided to evaluate the effects of risperidone on serum prolactin levels and prolactin-related adverse effects in 20 outpatients of an Italian community psychiatric service. Patients enrolled in this(More)
BACKGROUND Medical schools are currently charged with a lack of education as far as empathic/relational skills and the meaning of being a health-care provider are concerned, thus leading to increased interest in medical humanities. DISCUSSION Medical humanities can offer an insight into human illness and in a broader outlook into human condition,(More)
BACKGROUND Suicidal behaviours are major public health concerns worldwide. They are associated with risk factors that vary with age and gender, occur in combination, and may change over time. The aim of our study was to investigate how frequently patients visiting a hospital emergency room (ER) require a psychiatric consultation for attempted suicide, and(More)
Changes in endothelial function and peroxidation could play a significant role in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease in psychiatric patients. In particular, endothelial nitric oxide (NO) could either exert a beneficial or detrimental effect depending on the involvement of NO synthase (NOS) subtype. Therefore, we planned to examine the effects of(More)
The tissue distribution of the membrane receptor for the Sex Steroid Binding Protein (SBP) has been studied, either in estrogen/androgen dependent tissues and in tissues not strictly sex steroid dependent. A specific interaction of SBP with cell membranes has been observed to occur only in estrogen/androgen dependent tissues, some of them had been(More)
The relationships of personal resources with symptom severity and psychosocial functioning have never been tested systematically in a large sample of people with schizophrenia. We applied structural equation models to a sample of 921 patients with schizophrenia collected in a nationwide Italian study, with the aim to identify, among a large set of personal(More)
BACKGROUND to investigate the suicide phenomenon among the elderly (people aged 65 and over) in the Italian provinces of Novara and Verbania, in the time span between January 1990 and December 2000, in order to evaluate if the characteristics of the suicide behaviour correlate to the place of living with particular attention to the psychosocial factors. (More)