Patrizia Vitale

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We introduce a finite dimensional matrix model approximation to the algebra of functions on a disc based on noncommutative geometry. The algebra is a subalgebra of the one characterizing the noncommutative plane with a * product and depends on two parameters N and θ. It is composed of functions which decay exponentially outside a disc. In the limit in which(More)
While there has been growing interest for noncommutative spaces in recent times, most examples have been based on the simplest noncommutative algebra: [x i , x j ] = iθ ij. Here we present new classes of (non-formal) deformed products associated to linear Lie algebras of the kind [x i , x j ] = ic k ij x k. For all possible three-dimensional cases, we(More)
We discuss the effects that a noncommutative geometry induced by a Drinfeld twist has on physical theories. We systematically deform all products and symmetries of the theory. We discuss noncommutative classical mechanics, in particular its deformed Poisson bracket and hence time evolution and symmetries. The twisting is then extended to classical fields,(More)
We prove that the Moyal product is covariant under linear affine spacetime transformations. From the covariance law, by introducing an (x, Θ)-space where the spacetime coordinates and the noncommutativity matrix components are on the same footing, we obtain a noncommutative representation of the affine algebra, its generators being differential operators in(More)
Quantum Groups can be constructed by applying the quantization by deformation procedure to Lie groups endowed with a suitable Poisson bracket. Here we try to develop an understanding of these structures by investigating dynamical systems which are associated with this bracket. We look at SU (2) and SU (1, 1), as submanifolds of a 4–dimensional phase space(More)
A duality property for star products is exhibited. In view of it, known star-product schemes, like the Weyl-Wigner-Moyal formalism, the Husimi and the Glauber-Sudarshan maps are revisited and their dual partners elucidated. The tomographic map, which has been recently described as yet another star product scheme, is considered. It yields a noncommutative(More)
We present a comparison of the noncommutative field theories built using two different star products: Moyal and Wick-Voros (or normally ordered). For the latter we discuss both the classical and the quantum field theory in the quartic potential case, and calculate the Green's functions up to one loop, for the two and four points cases. We compare the two(More)
The recently proposed probability representation of quantum mechanics is generalized to quantum field theory. We introduce a probability distribution functional for field configurations and find an evolution equation for such a distribution. The connection to the time-dependent generating functional of Green's functions is elucidated and the classical limit(More)
In the probability representation of quantum mechanics, quantum states are represented by a classical probability distribution, the marginal distribution function (MDF), whose time dependence is governed by a classical evolution equation. We find and explicitly solve, for a wide class of Hamil-tonians, new equations for the Green's function of such an(More)