Patrizia Testa

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In previous studies, a right hemisphere superiority was shown during REM sleep with respect to Wake and NREM states for right hemisphere tasks. The question can be raised whether the increasing right hemisphere performance during REM is related to right hemisphere tasks only, or whether it is of more general nature. This hypothesis was tested by giving the(More)
Active Mode Sleep Active Mode Wake up Low Power Mode Low Power Mode Refresh Ts Tq Tq Tw Tr Active Mode Sleep Active Mode Sleep Active Mode Wake up Active Mode Wake up Low Power Mode Low Power Mode Refresh Ts Tq Tq Tw Tr Abstract— Energy efficiency in telecommunication networks has been recognized as a very important topic during the last few years. This is(More)
In the fall of 2008 NASA selected a large international consortium to produce a comprehensive system of automated feature recognition for the SDO mission. The SDO data we consider are all AIA images plus surface magnetic field images from HMI. Helioseismology is addressed by another group. We will produce robust and very efficient professionally coded(More)
The main requirement for the Next Generation Transport Network infrastructure is a flexible and efficient support of different services, demanding for several levels of Quality of Service (QoS) and resilience. In order to have an effective utilization of network resources, and the ability to react to traffic demand changes with time, such multi-service next(More)
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