Patrizia Paggio

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This paper deals with a multimodal annotation scheme dedicated to the study of gestures in interpersonal communication, with particular regard to the role played by multimodal expressions for feedback, turn management and sequencing. The scheme has been developed under the framework of the MUMIN network and tested on the analysis of multimodal behaviour in(More)
This paper presents the multimodal corpora that are being collected and annotated in the Nordic NOMCO project. The corpora will be used to study communicative phenomena such as feedback, turn management and sequencing. They already include video material for Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Estonian, and several social activities are represented. The data are(More)
This paper deals with the MUMIN multimodal annotation scheme, which is dedicated to the study of hand gestures and facial displays in interpersonal communication, with focus on the role played by multimodal expressions for feedback, turn management and sequencing. The scheme has been tested on the analysis of multimodal behaviour in short video clips in(More)
This paper describes the work carried out at the Center for Sprogteknologi in Copen hagen to validate the LE evaluation methodology developed by the LRE project TEMAA TEMAA has developed a framework for the evaluation of LE products implemented in a Parameterisable Testbed PTB The framework allows for a modular formal and exible description of user(More)
At ATR, we are collecting and analysing `meetings' data using a table-top sensor device consisting of a small 360degree camera surrounded by an array of high-quality directional microphones. This equipment provides a stream of information about the audio and visual events of the meeting which is then processed to form a representation of the verbal and(More)
This paper describes a method and a system for content-based querying of texts based on the availability of an ontology for the concepts in the text domain. A key principle in the system is the extraction of conceptual content of noun phrases into descriptors forming an integral part of the ontology. The retrieval of text passages rests on matching(More)
There is an increasing interest in multimodal communication as suggested by several national and international projects (ISLE, HUMAINE, SIMILAR, CHIL, AMI, CALO, VACE, CALLAS), the attention devoted to the topic by well-known institutions and organizations (the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Linguistic Data Consortium), and the success(More)
The paper compares how feedback is expressed via speech and head movements in comparable corpora of first encounters in three Nordic languages: Danish, Finnish and Swedish. The three corpora have been collected following common guidelines, and they have been annotated according to the same scheme in the NOMCO project. The results of the comparison show that(More)