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The development of behavioural sensitization is thought to depend on the dose and temporal pattern of drug treatment. Previous studies have shown that two distinct morphine pretreatment regimens(More)
Repeated treatment of rats with ethanol (1 g/kg, once daily for 15 days) enhanced the locomotor effect of morphine, 3 weeks post-treatment. This ethanol-induced long-term behavioural sensitization to(More)
Intermittent treatment of rats with morphine (10 mg/kg s.c., once daily) caused an increase (of about 30%) of the electrically evoked release of [14C]acetylcholine from cholinergic interneurons of(More)
One month (but not 1–3 days) after intermittent morphine administration, the hyperresponsiveness of rats toward the locomotor effects of morphine and amphetamine was associated with an increase in(More)