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A representative sample of 5,622 subjects between 15 and 96 years of age from the noninstitutionalized general population of France were interviewed by telephone concerning their sleeping habits and sleep disorders. The interviews were conducted using the Sleep-Eval knowledge-based system, a nonmonotonic, level 2 expert system with a causal reasoning mode.(More)
The influence of progabide, a new antiepileptic drug, on the pharmacokinetic profiles of phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine, and valproic acid was evaluated in four separate studies, each including six young healthy volunteers. The pharmacokinetic parameters of the associated antiepileptic drugs were measured before and after repeated administration of(More)
Dilitazem, a coronary vasodilating agent, after oral administration of four different doses, was well and rapidly absorbed. The pharmacokinetics of the drug followed a two-compartment model, with a rapid distribution and an elimination with a half-life of 4-7 hours. After chronic treatment the pharmacokinetic parameters were practically unchanged and(More)
In a parallel-group, placebo-controlled, polysomnographic study with randomization, the possible occurrence of rebound insomnia was evaluated in 24 patients suffering from moderate to severe chronic insomnia and receiving either triazolam 0.5 mg, zolpidem 10 mg, or placebo. Treatment duration was 27 nights, followed by three placebo-controlled withdrawal(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer is one of the most frequent and lethal cancers. The aim of this study was to analyze the costs relating to treatment of colorectal cancer between Xelox and Folfox-4 at a regional level according to the clinical experience at an Italian hospital in Lombardy. METHODS A cost analysis was carried out regarding resource consumption(More)
It is well known that the therapeutic effect of neuroleptics is counterbalanced by the property of these drugs to induce serious neurological side-effects mainly represented by tardive dyskinesia. Several reports indicate that at the experimental level GABA agonists interact with dopamine neurons with effects on behavior, stereotyped and dyskinetic(More)
Serum and CSF samples of patients receiving chronic carbamazepine treatment were analysed. Daily fluctuations in serum levels of carbamazepine and carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide did not appear to be related to the dosage schedule, but some patients tended to have lower fluctuations when the carbamazepine was given more frequently. The epoxide/carbamazepine(More)
Currently, there is an increasing focus on the implementation of pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) studies and modelling as essential tools for drug development. Strategies involving specifically the population approach, which are based on relatively recent statistical methodology (e.g. nonlinear mixed effects modelling, NONMEM) have been advocated(More)