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Perioperative nutrition for patients undergoing colon surgery seems to be effective in reducing catabolism and improving immunologic parameters. A relatively low-fiber and highly absorbable diet may facilitate the intestinal cleansing and loop relaxation fundamental for laparoscopic surgery with a lower dose of iso-osmotic laxative. From 1 February 2004 to(More)
Although a plant-based diet can provide some benefits in Parkinson's disease (PD), no study to date has evaluated the effectiveness of a plant-food diet in the management of the disease. In this pilot study, we compared the effect of a plant-food menu (PFD) and of a omnivorous menu on motor performance of 25 PD patients, 12 in the intervention group (PDi)(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare lipoprotein profile, body composition and diet in a sample of athletes practicing mixed and anaerobic sports activities, and in a group of sedentary controls. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Cross selectional study. PARTICIPANTS Twenty professional soccer players (mixed trained), twenty body builders (anaerobic trained) and twenty sedentary(More)
To determine the effects of anabolic steroids on serum lipid and apoprotein levels, 14 white male body builders who self-administered steroids for 2 to 3 months (steroid users) were studied; 10 agreed to screening while they were taking the drugs (ON treatment) and also at about 3 months following their suspension (OFF treatment). Controls consisted of 17(More)
The present study was planned to evaluate if a longterm follow-up would show any modification of insulin antibodies in IDDs transferred from porcine to human monocomponent insulins. Nineteen IDDs, treated for more than one year with porcine monocomponent insulins, were transferred to the equivalent formulations of human insulin (Actrapid HM, Monotard HM);(More)
We examined the effects of 2 months of psyllium treatment in optimizing metabolic control and lipoprotein profile, and its postprandial effects on lipids in type II diabetes. We recruited 40 type II diabetic patients who were on sulfonylureas and a controlled diet, sequentially assigning them to psyllium treatment (G1) or to a control group (G2) treated(More)
There is little information about the nutritional status of cancer outpatients because the practice of nutritional screening is rarely performed. This study aims to define the pattern of scores of nutritional risk in 1,453 outpatients and factors associated with a high nutrition risk score, to facilitate the identification of such patients by the(More)
A sixteen year old boy was admitted to our department for delayed puberty. The personal history was not significant and physical examination revealed only a genital hypogonadism. The endocrinology study of the patient showed a hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. The IQ was low. The personality showed infantilism and aggressive impulses. A karyotype revealed(More)
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