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In this paper, a digitally controlled multi-module DC-DC converter with fast transient response, based on a linear-non-linear control is presented. The proposed digital control improves the stability of the system, cuts off the effects of limit-cycle and reduces the recovery time, by making the " effective " bandwidth of the system independent of the(More)
An RF powered receiver silicon IC (integrated circuit) for RF energy harvesting is presented as wireless battery charger. This includes an RF-to-DC energy converter specifically designed with a sensitivity of −18.8 dBm and an energy conversion efficiency of ∼45% at 900 MHz with a transmitting power of 0.5 W in free space. Experimental results(More)
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a promising paradigm initially proposed for the wired networks which has the potential to change the way in which networks are designed and managed. Recently, its use has been extended to wireless infrastructure-less networks such as ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we take inspiration from our(More)
A fuel cell – supercapcitor hybrid power supply for portable applications is designed. To ensure system level simulation, each component is accurately modelled and simulation results are reported. A Digital Still Camera is selected as specific load device, although the choice of a specific application does not influence the proposed control technique(More)
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