Patrizia Leone

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Use of Env in HIV vaccine development has been disappointing. Here we show that, in the presence of a biologically active Tat subunit vaccine, a trimeric Env protein prevents in monkeys virus spread from the portal of entry to regional lymph nodes. This appears to be due to specific interactions between Tat and Env spikes that form a novel virus entry(More)
A major event affecting the eye during amphibian metamorphosis is an asymmetrical growth of the ventrotemporal portion of the retina compared with its dorsonasal counterpart. This event is due to an increased proliferation of the precursors of the ventral ciliary marginal zone (CMZ). Here, we analyze the expression patterns of several key homeobox genes(More)
The infection of uterine cervical epithelial cells by oncogenic, high-risk human papilloma viruses (HR-HPVs) may lead to the development of cervical carcinoma. Of note, the incidence of this tumor is significantly increased in women infected by both HR-HPV and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1. In this regard, previous studies have linked the HIV-1 Tat(More)
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