Patrizia Ceccarani

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Since 2005, the Pediatric Clinic of Maternal-Infantile Sciences Institute in Ancona, in collaboration with the Lega del Filo d'Oro in Osimo, has been taking care of 35 patients with clinical and molecular diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome. Our investigation is the largest Italian cohort study of CHARGE patients. CHARGE syndrome is a multiple malformation(More)
The present study assessed the effects of gross motor activities on the self-injurious tantrums of three multihandicapped subjects. The tantrums did not seem related to specific environmental events and were rather infrequent, yet very severe. The study was carried out according to a withdrawal (ABAB) design. During baseline, the subjects executed routine(More)
The present study was aimed at (a) eliminating self-stimulation and increasing task-related responding in severely handicapped children, and (b) assessing maintenance and carry-over of treatment effects following the use of sensory reinforcement. The results showed that applying sensory or edible-liquid reinforcement, contingent on low rates of task-related(More)
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