Patrik Schauerte

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We present a feasibility study on the automatic detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) from a cardiac vibration signal (ballistocardiogram). Considering the prevalence of AF among the elderly and the risk of silent and undetected AF, there is a need for screening this population. One way to unobtrusively measure cardiopulmonary activity is the integration of(More)
INTRODUCTION Standard microguidewires used in interventional neuroradiology have a predefined shape of the tip that cannot be changed while the guidewire is in the vessel. We evaluated a novel magnetic navigation system (MNS) that generates a magnetic field to control the deflection of a microguidewire that can be used to reshape the guidewire tip in vivo(More)
This 30-year-old male patient attended the emergency department because of dizziness accompanied by self-assessed regular pulse rates of 30–40 bpm. Physical examination was normal but cardiac auscultation revealed frequent premature beats. A subsequent 12-lead ECG documented the arrhythmia (Fig. 1). Similar episodes had occurred 12 months ago but thorough(More)
Introduction: Heart failure is a significant and growing health problem. To enable a preventative health care system in heart failure, a move is required from the current, intermittent episodical treatment to continuous and ubiquitous access to medical excellence. Home telemonitoring systems that monitor vital body signs and symptoms with wearable(More)
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