Patrik Salmela

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Tackling the major Internet security, scalability and mobility problems without essentially changing the existing Internet architecture has turned out to be a very challenging task. The overlay routing approaches fortunately seem to offer a sound way to mitigate most of these issues. Basically, they decouple the end-point identifiers from locators by(More)
Ambient Networks concentrates on the co-operation of heterogeneous networks over multiple domains and accesses. One of the main goals of the project is the integration of developed concepts for validation purposes. This paper presents a performance analysis on the integration of mobility triggering and Host Identity Protocol (HIP) based mobility on the(More)
Context. The literature concerning the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of patients with surgically treated PA is controversial. Objective. To describe the long-term HRQoL of surgically treated patients in all PA classes. Design and subjects. The 15D, a generic HRQoL instrument producing a 15-dimensional profile and a single 15D index score (a(More)
End-to-end encryption is becoming the norm for many applications and services. While this improves privacy of individuals and organizations, the phenomenon also raises new kinds of challenges. For instance, with the increase of devices using encryption, the volumes of outdated, exploitable encryption software also increases. This may create some distrust(More)
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