Patrik Raudaschl

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We investigate efficient algorithmic realisa-tions for robust deconvolution of grey-value images with known space-invariant point-spread function, with emphasis on 1D motion blur scenarios. The goal is to make deconvolution suitable as preprocessing step in automated image processing environments with tight time constraints. Candidate deconvolution methods(More)
PURPOSE In this work we present the validation of Plastimatch MABS, an open source software for multi atlas based segmentation of medical images. METHODS The validation was performed on two different clinical datasets: 1) 25 CT image volumes of patients treated for H&N cancer; 2) 20 MRI series of patients having a neurological diagnosis. For the first(More)
PURPOSE The favored treatment for many hip fractures is a sliding hip screw, and its usage is expected to increase in the future. Failures can be reduced, and complications detected earlier by semi-automated CT image analysis. The most frequent failure is due to the screw cut-out from the femoral head. METHODS An image-based method was developed for early(More)
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