Patrik Persson

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In this paper a phased array antenna is described that is designed with the help of a genetic algorithm for scan angles out to 60° from broadside. The focus is on simplifying the manufacturing of the diagonally adjoining pixels and on numerical results for thin antennas. The effects of the corner to corner contacts are studied and results for two(More)
A hybrid spectral domain - UTD method (Uniform Theory of Diffraction) developed for the analysis of conformal antennas is presented in this paper. The basic idea behind the hybrid method is to combine different analysis methods for conformal antennas and, at the same time, preserve the advantages of the considered methods. More specifically, the considered(More)
A strategy to determine effective diffusion coefficients of proteins in chromatographic gels is presented in this article. An experimental methodology based on frontal liquid chromatography was combined with a numerical methodology based on a mathematical model describing the chromatographic process including the extra-column dispersion, the dispersion due(More)
A continuous supermacroporous monolithic chromatographic matrix has been characterized using a capillary model, experimental breakthrough curves, and pressure drop experiments. The model describes the convective flow and its dispersive mixing effects, mass transfer resistance, pore size distribution, and the adsorption behavior of the monolithic matrix. It(More)
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