Patrik Nordbeck

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Our interest in the subject of this paper is inspired by Hong (1998), where Hoon Hong addresses the problem of the behavior of Gröbner bases under composition of polynomials. More precisely, let Θ be a set of polynomials, as many as the variables in our polynomial ring. The question then is under which conditions on these polynomials it is true that for an(More)
We introduce canonical bases for subalgebras of quotients of the commutative and non-commutative polynomial ring. The usual theory for Gröbner bases and its counterpart for subalgebras of polynomial rings, also called SAGBI bases, are combined to obtain a tool for computation in subalgebras of factor algebras.
In Ufnarovski (1989), the concept of automaton algebras is introduced. These are quotients of the non-commutative polynomial ring where the defining ideal allows some Gröbner basis with a regular set of leading words. However, nothing is reflected concerning the whole structure of the Gröbner basis (except of course for monomial algebras). In this paper we(More)
We investigate, for quotients of the non-commutative polynomial ring, a property that implies finiteness of Gröbner bases computation, and examine its connection with Noetherianity. We propose a Gröbner bases theory for our factor algebras, of particular interest for one-sided ideals, and show a few applications, e.g. how to compute (one-sided) syzygy(More)
An important tool for studying standard finitely presented algebras is the Ufnarovski graph. In this paper we extend the use of the Ufnarovski graph to automaton algebras, introducing the generalized Ufnarovski graph. As an application, we show how this construction can be used to test Noetherianity of automaton algebras.
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