Patrik Lundström

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The crucial role of Myc as an oncoprotein and as a key regulator of cell growth makes it essential to understand the molecular basis of Myc function. The N-terminal region of c-Myc coordinates a wealth of protein interactions involved in transformation, differentiation and apoptosis. We have characterized in detail the intrinsically disordered properties of(More)
The process of resonance assignment is fundamental to most NMR studies of protein structure and dynamics. Unfortunately, the manual assignment of residues is tedious and time-consuming, and can represent a significant bottleneck for further characterization. Furthermore, while automated approaches have been developed, they are often limited in their(More)
The general transcription factor TFIID provides a regulatory platform for transcription initiation. Here we present the crystal structure (1.97 Å) and NMR analysis of yeast TAF1 N-terminal domains TAND1 and TAND2 bound to yeast TBP, together with mutational data. We find that yeast TAF1-TAND1, which in itself acts as a transcriptional activator, binds TBP's(More)
  • Elin Karlsson, Ivana Magić, Josefine Bostner, Christine Dyrager, Fredrik Lysholm, Anna-Lotta Hallbeck +3 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND The AKT/mTORC1/S6K pathway is frequently overstimulated in breast cancer, constituting a promising therapeutic target. The benefit from mTOR inhibitors varies, likely as a consequence of tumour heterogeneity, and upregulation of several compensatory feed-back mechanisms. The mTORC1 downstream effectors S6K1, S6K2, and 4EBP1 are amplified and(More)
We present the software Peak INTegration (PINT), designed to perform integration of peaks in NMR spectra. The program is very simple to run, yet powerful enough to handle complicated spectra. Peaks are integrated by fitting predefined line shapes to experimental data and the fitting can be customized to deal with, for instance, heavily overlapped peaks. The(More)
Background. Assessment of gallstone surgery's impact on quality of life (QoL) requires a reliable instrument with sufficient responsiveness. The instrument should also enable estimation of each individual's expected condition in an unaffected state. Materials and Methods. The Swedish Register for Gallstone Surgery and ERCP (GallRiks) registers indications,(More)
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