Patrik Lundblad

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This paper demonstrates the synergy of common InfoVis and GeoVis interaction techniques and the logistic application domain demonstrated in the customized visualize performance data (VISPER) application. In VISPER multi-dimensional, multi-source, time-varying and geospatial digital information from voyage analysis is represented to facilitate(More)
This paper focus on the development of a tool for Ship and Weather Information Monitoring (SWIM) visualizing weather data combined with data from ship voyages. The project was done in close collaboration with the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) who also evaluated the result. The goal was to implement a tool which will help shipping(More)
We introduce a framework and class library (GAV Flash) implemented in Adobe’s ActionScript, designed with the intention to significantly shorten the time and effort needed to develop customized web-enabled applications for visual analytics or geovisual analytics tasks. Through an atomic layered component architecture, GAV Flash provides a collection of(More)
The large and ever-increasing amounts of time-varying and geospatial digital weather information related to emergency scenarios that must be accessible to the public represent a major research challenge. A need to analyze and make decisions, often in time-critical situations, demand interactive web-enabled visualization tools that can aid the user to(More)
The paper considers how the integration between visualization and storytelling can make statistical findings more comprehensible and accessible to the general public. Traditional practices for geovisual analytics methods applied to official statistics require tools for greater user participation and an improved user experience. The approach set out in this(More)
’Geovisual Analytics’ represents a cross-disciplinary research that looks for innovative methods to interactively visualize and solve large spatio-temporal related visualization problems for multivariate data through a visual discovery, reasoning and collaborative process. The name emphasizes the link with the well-known research discipline of Visual(More)
Today weather forecasts assist in the preparation of roads during the winter season to avoid accidents resulting from snow, rain and slipperiness. As with any weather forecast there is always a search for improvement. One way to do this is by verifying the forecasted parameters with the actual weather observed in the forecasted area. To facilitate(More)
Nathan Lundblad and colleagues* from JQI/NIST used a “dressing” of radiofrequency radiation to alter energy levels and re-shape cells of the lattice, producing the novel “Mexican Hat” configuration shown here instead of the more familiar “egg carton” form. The new curvature will allow researchers to explore arrangements of atoms and degrees of freedom that(More)
The large and ever-increasing amounts of multivariate, multi-source, time-varying and geospatial digital information represent a major challenge for the analyst. The need to analyze and make decisions based on these information streams, often in time-critical situations, demands efficient, integrated and interactive visualization tools that aid the user to(More)
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