Patrik Lundblad

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We introduce a framework and class library (GAV Flash) implemented in Adobe's ActionScript, designed with the intention to significantly shorten the time and effort needed to develop customized web-enabled applications for visual analytics or geovisual analytics tasks. Through an atomic layered component architecture, GAV Flash provides a collection of(More)
Introduction Storytelling is an ancient technology providing the most impactful ways to teach, learn, and persuade. Analytics visualization experts are challenged to use new technology and media to convey information in a story-like fashion stimulating the readers' curiosity making them want to learn more and convey a deeper meaning. Statistical data may(More)
'Geovisual Analytics' represents a cross-disciplinary research that looks for innovative methods to interactively visualize and solve large spatio-temporal related visualization problems for multivariate data through a visual discovery, reasoning and collaborative process. The name emphasizes the link with the well-known research discipline of Visual(More)
Today weather forecasts assist in the preparation of roads during the winter season to avoid the accidents resulting from snow, rain and slipperiness. As with any weather forecast there is always a search for improvement. One way to do this is by verification of the forecasted parameters with the actual weather observed at the forecasted area. To facilitate(More)
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