PatrickJ Birt

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The purpose of this study was to compare shoulder range-of-motion (ROM) and strength values between bodybuilders and nonbodybuilders. Fifty-four men (29 bodybuilders and 25 nonbodybuilders) between the ages of 21 and 34 years participated in the study. Goniometric measurements were used to assess shoulder flexion and internal and external rotation ROM.(More)
The renin content, expressed as nanograms of angiotensin I/hour/milligram, of a rabbit intrarenal arterial network (IAN) was compared to that of renal cortical samples from the same animal. Tissues from six rabbits were studied. Cortical tissue (RC) and an IAN with some glomeruli and attached arterioles (IAN + glomeruli) were prepared from one kidney, and(More)
A microdissected rabbit intrarenal arterial network (IAN) perfused at constant flow with Krebs-bicarbonate solution was employed to determine whether this network, which has a high renin content, releases angiotensin II (AII) either spontaneously or during beta-adrenergic stimulation. Six groups of experiments were conducted in which samples of the vascular(More)
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