Patrick von Hauff

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability of unenhanced and enhanced power Doppler sonography in visualization of intratumoral angioneogenesis. Thirty-seven malignant melanomas, which had been implanted intra- or subcutaneously in 22 mice, were examined. Various B-mode criteria, power Doppler criteria and spectral Doppler parameters were(More)
Beagle dogs continue to be used in experimental studies and preclinical and clinical trials, many of which address the usage of anaesthesia. In order to reduce the number of animals, researchers tend to conduct several experiments on a single animal. The question arises, however, as to whether or not this frequent usage involves more than simply additional(More)
Flexible spatial navigation depends on cognitive mapping, a function that declines with increasing age. In young adults, a brief period of postnavigation rest promotes the consolidation and integration of spatial memories into accurate cognitive maps. We examined (1) whether rest promotes spatial memory consolidation and integration in older adults; and (2)(More)
Approximately ten percent of newborns require some help with their breathing at birth. About one percent require extensive assistance at birth which needs to be administered by trained personnel. Neonatal resuscitation is taught through a simulation based training program in North America. Such a training methodology is cost and resource intensive which(More)
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